Quick Start 4k pro

Watch this quick start video.

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Even if you are more advanced user, please be sure to watch this Quick Start Video and at least the Last 3 Setup Instructions(Setting Up Terrarium TV).

Now that you have completed the Quick Start video, go through the remaining instructions.  The rest of these instructions will show how to use your remote, Connect to the internet,  Change your Screen size,  and at the very end how to use the Softbox.

Our best go to apps for watching movies and TV shows are as follows:

Streaming(the best for TV SHOWS and Movies): Terrarium TV, Showbox, Morpheus, Appflix(for Spanish audio)
Live TV(The Best for Live Sports, and Live News) : Mobdro, UktvNow Firestick, Solid Streamz, Live NetTV, Redbox TV
Local News: If you are Local to Greenville, SC go to: Live TV and Sports
If you are from a different area, go to the Google Play Store and Search for the App for you local news station using the News Initials, Or Try using “Newson” in Live TV and Sports.