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The Best TV Box Available

Softbox streams content to your TV in high definition. Unlike the Firestick, it can handle 3D graphics acceleration for all of your favorite Google Play apps & more.

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It's on! Softbox!

softbox tv boxSoftbox is the future of TV and streaming devices.  Softbox turns your TV into a Genius TV.  You can use your TV as a computer.  From the comfort of your couch you can browse Google, create documents, check your Emails or Facebook all on the large screen of you TV.  It contains several USB ports so you can connect a wireless keyboard and mouse, or other devices.  Your Softbox will also act as a smartphone.  From the Google Play store you can download all your favorite Apps and Games.

Your Softbox will give you the ability to watch  your favorite movies and TV shows on demand.

Softbox is designed, and produced in Greenville, SC.  Each one is carefully crafted and tested to be the utmost quality and have the most modern software available.  To sum it up, “Yes it is on Softbox!”

Android streaming boxBuilt in Chat Support and Tech Support

Softbox is the only android TV box on the market that has seamless built in chat support and tech support.  Softbox has built in Email, and LIVE Chat support right from your box or right from any of your devices.  We have "Softbox Help" app you can easily save right to your smartphone or tablet.

Softbox has built in LIVE TECH SUPPORT.  One of our techs can log on to your Softbox remotely and help if you ever need anything.

Easy help videos for everything.

Softbox has a built in help menu that seamlessly connects you to Help videos on any aspect of the box.  Softbox has a video instruction from everything from "Connecting to your TV" to "How to save your Favorite Shows" These videos were tested on our kids and our grandparents just to make sure any age group can easily follow the instructions.  Watch our Help Videos now!



Blazing Fast Quad core processor, and 5 core GPU

Softbox is 5 times faster and more powerful then the Firestick or Roku devices.  This means you can stream your favorite content in its highest quality with no buffering.