Get Box X

Get The Box X app on any device for $40, and $3.97 a month for monthly updates and support.  This includes 1 Month of DriveMob FREE!(Normally costs $10 per month).  DriveMob has over 2000 live channels, Sports, and Pay Per View.  And 1 Month of Plex FREE.  Plex will let you watch any movie or TV show with ease.  With Box X you will have access to unlimited movies and TV shows.  Box X also updates monthly automatically, and has built in support.  This way you always have the most updated top apps for movies and shows.  After you purchase the App, you will get a 3 day free trial to use the app, and after 3 days it's $3.97 per month to keep using it.

It can be install on Android Phones, Tablets, Android TV, Fire Sticks, Fire TVs, Nvidia shields, and Android boxes of any kind.

Get the Box App here on your device now.  We know you will love it!

Quick 3 minute Demo

Watch the "All the box can do" video below to get more details on all that is possible with the Box X app or the Softbox

All the box can do

Be sure to Get a tv service from DriveMob like Empire.  It comes with over 10000 live channels.  You can get Empire here for $13 a month.

Want the box that has Box X already installed on it.  Thats the new Softbox X2.  The fastest box currently on the market.  Get on here now: