Over the Air Update

This tool will update you with all the new apps.

Written Instructions:

  1. First Factory reset your Softbox , See the video above
  2. Go to “Softbox Help” on the Home Screen.
  3. Open “OTA Updater”
  4. Click on “Download” on the Update.  You must be connected to the internet for this to work.
  5.  Click “Install”.
  6. It will ask to install again. Click “Install” a second time.
  7. The Softbox will enter recovery mode.
  8. It will install the update.  When it returns to the home screen you will be done.

If this process does not work do this:


  1.  Connect your Softbox to a completely Different TV.  In almost every case when an update fails, it is the TV causing the problem.
  2. Go to the Softbox Help
  3.  Open OTA Updater, If you are given the option to download then click download, and follow the step for your update.
  4.  If you have no option to download. Click on the 3 dots on the very top left.
  5.  Choose “View Downloaded Roms”
  6. Click on the Update.zip file, then follow the steps for your update.
  7. If this process completes and it’s still not updated  send a message to customer Support.