Update Kit


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This update kits contains a Micro SD card with the newest firmware update for your Softbox.  This update will give the the Over the Air update firmware that will now make it possible to always have the newest most updated apps when they release. After getting this Update kit. You will never need to have your firmware updated again.

If you already have a newer Softbox 4k pro with with a working Over the Air then you will never need to get this kit.

You will get a lot of new programs for watching movies and TV shows, and new playstores.

It also contains a small tool for pushing the reset button on your Softbox.  And easy to follow instructions.


Which Softbox

Softbox Standard, Softbox 4k without clock, Softbox 4k pro without clock, Softbox 4k with clock, Softbox 4k pro with clock, Softbox X SP, Softbox X LP